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Biomass biodiesel technology Solar Module Manufacturer Companies is expected to large-scale market

From the Institute of chemical physics was informed that:Stadium seating the biomass conversion study group "biomass biodiesel " technology obtains major breakthrough, results in the recent " nature - Communication " published. This breakthrough will " biomass biodiesel " technology to industrialization direction to advance one step, is expected to alleviate perplex our diesel shortage.

Oil refineries in China each year a large number of imports Solar Module Manufacturer Companies from abroad refined diesel. With the oil resource is increasingly dried up, biodiesel has become more and more important liquid biofuels. Biodiesel has the advantage of raw materials renewable and connected with the existing engine, transport, storage and other infrastructure. The traditional biological diesel technology is mainly to oil palm, soybean, rapeseed, and vegetable oil as raw materials. But these natural ingredients yield little, affected by seasonal factors, and the presence and agriculture contend for farmland problem.

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics plastic bag manufacturer biomass conversion study group since the beginning of 2004 on " biomass biodiesel " new technology. Use of oleaginous yeast crop straw, sawdust and other renewable biomass conversion to oil, fundamentally solve the problem of raw material of biodiesel. This technique can also provide oil chemical industry with new materials, partial replacement of soybean oil, rapeseed oil and other. In addition, oleaginous yeast has good biological safety, after extracting oil can be used as feed utilization. The current study by Ministry of science and technology, National Science Foundation funding.

Research group for Zhao Zongbao told reporters: " biomass biodiesel technically feasible, the constraints of the technology for large scale application bottleneck is cost exorbitant, preliminary estimation using corn straw to produce biodiesel diesel prices higher than the market nearly doubled. Therefore, our research is focused on how to improve the comprehensive performance of oleaginous yeast. Recently, our production capacity prominent round red winter spore yeast performed a whole genome sequencing, and found more than 2000 effects of the gene or protein production traits. The next step will be to use the information design and retrofit of oleaginous yeast. Hope that by joining can improve the performance of the gene, remove the negative gene, and then develop a set of various oleaginous yeast advantage in a ' super yeast '. "

" Super yeast " will be more extensive use of raw materials, and the balance of high value products, thereby remarkably reducing the cost. At the appointed time, biodiesel is expected to large-scale market. " Because our annotation oleaginous yeast genome contains very rich information, high credibility, at home and abroad to engage in advanced biofuels research peer provide important basic information, it will be our entire energy biotechnology-related fields a great contribution. "





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